The home of smart, ground breaking TV

Spark TV is a new company in safe (well actually a bit dangerous) hands ... but  they are very experienced ones.

Headed by Creative Director Paul Wooding, Spark TV intends to carry on smashing the mold and breaking the rules of coventional TV, by making bold immersive, dramatic and entertaining factual television.

Specialist Factual
With hundreds of hours of primetime and International documentary experience under their belt,  our creatives know how to create and deliver everything factual. From access driven observational documentaries, to formated factual. From live programming such as the RTS Award winning 'As It Happens' for Channel 4 to the Canadian Academy Award winning 'D-Day to Berlin' History series.
Big noisy TV events such as the powerful 'Blitz Street' for Channel 4 and the amazing 'T. rex  autopsy' for National Geographic
 are just two examples of the amazing track record of delivering high profile television to a Global market. Spark TV also uses its experience of exploiting social media to create promotional campaigns that drive audiences to content.

Making accessible specialist factual television that has an impact, like BBC 2's 'Hive Alive', is a unique quality of Spark TV . Using the very latest technology and techniques, forging genres together to deliver amazing, accessible science and history content is our thing.

Our Approach
Spark - TV is headed by Creative Director Paul Wooding who intends to build on his blue chip heritage, as well as broadening his output to include returnable and popular factual formats. "I want to use all my experience to come at subjects in a fresh way to create smart new content" says Paul. "My passion is making unconventional, surprising, highly crafted, dramatic TV with high production values that carries great editorial content that appeal to a broad audience”.

Spark TV is backed by Bob and Co, who champion creative media, through development, distribution and funding of ideas and content.